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Frost’s finger-wagging reprimand – 'You’ve been very, very naughty’ – became an all-purpose catchphrase, as she attracted a ton of fan mail from S&M enthusiasts.Some childcare experts were horrified by this 'Hobbesian’ emphasis on discipline, but it won her fans in the Tory Party, who praised her methods in a parliamentary debate on anti-social behaviour.Each week, she would arrive in full nanny regalia to tame a household of out-of-control children and overwhelmed parents.Her main methods of domestic subjugation were eye-level ultimatums and the naughty step, where children were banished until they were ready to say sorry.Her celebrity fans run the gamut from Hugh Jackman to Britney Spears and 'America’s most trusted nanny’ is a permanent fixture on the sofas of Oprah, Leno and Letterman.Now, though, she is getting called back under the lights for another round of pictures, complete with the only studio contraption that drowns out her raucous wine bar laugh – a roaring wind machine.Out goes the matronly suit, pulled-back hair and severe spectacles.

She has evolved from pop culture punchline to carefully managed brand, complete with a mobile phone-toting manager.The US version of Supernanny continues, but the British version will be replaced by Desperate Parents: Jo Frost to the Rescue.This time the focus is on no-nonsense advice for overwhelmed parents, but the format will be more issue-driven, less gimmicky.'Britain’s best-known parenting expert’ has a power fan to help her shake loose her hair, literally and otherwise.After six years of naughty steps and tongue-lashing time outs, Frost has decided to broaden her range and unveil her kinder, gentler side.

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"They've already done jobs, they don't go to stage school, but they [want to be in the industry].

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