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The semantics of the geometry are determined by its type.Spatial supports several primitive types, and geometries composed of collections of these types, including two-dimensional: are composed of connected line strings that form a closed ring, and the area of the polygon is implied.

When the map is rendered, this spatial data is used to project the locations of the objects on a two-dimensional piece of paper.

In addition, the complexity of data is independent of the absolute scale of the area being represented.

For example, a printed circuit board is likely to have many thousands of objects etched on its surface, containing in its small area information that may be more complex than the details shown on a road builder's blueprints.

An Oracle table can contain one or more SDO_GEOMETRY columns.

The object-relational model corresponds to a "SQL with Geometry Types" implementation of spatial feature tables in the Open GIS ODBC/SQL specification for geospatial features.

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