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A category of sports watches have an added function in them to monitor the heart rate, will keep a track of all your activities 24/7.Some of them are enabled to incorporate around 500 songs to help boost the energy while workouts.Tom Tom has replaced the Google Maps for providing the maps in the Apple’s release Also, there is a facility of Map Share in the latest devices which allows you to make changes on your map while navigating.You can also report the online map changes and can even share the map with the millions of users, online.It is only when difficult routes are to be traveled in long-distance commuting that this device can turn out to be a boon.But other than that, what it does, it does that perfectly.The team is also continuously putting in hard work for giving the most updated versions of software and devices for public use.

The company was founded in 1991 and has its headquarters in Amsterdam.

The version Spark has the function to stream the audios on the wireless headset via the Bluetooth.

But along with the endless advantage, the only thing where it limits its usability is that the device is used only when needed, ie for navigation. Therefore, for much easier routes the same purpose can be solved by a smart phone.

If you want a new map, however, Tom Tom charges a one-time fee.

Buy a new map by choosing "Add Maps" from the Tom Tom Home main menu and clicking "Buy" next to the map you want to download.

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