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The mysterious explosion, which took place inside the Dar Al Farooq Community Center in Bloomington the early morning of August 5, erupted after an unidentified suspect tossed a pipe bomb into the office dedicated to a mosque leader.As many as twelve individuals were in attendance to a service during the time the incident occurred, while none were said to be injured from the event.Trafficking does not require that someone physically forces, physically abuses, or physically restrains you.You’re not in a position to give consent and it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re receiving payment.

And then the White House will make its comments.'When asked why Trump immediately responded to the London terrorist attack in June but had not mentioned the Minnesota bombing days after the incident, Gorka questioned if it was a 'fake hate crime'.'The question of who does it is a question,' Gorka said.

The FBI hasn't said if it has arrested anyone or if it is pursuing any suspects.

Newly released video footage from the Minnesota mosque bombing shows startled worshippers sprint outside the sanctuary in seek of safety.

Mohamed Omar, executive director of the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center, told The Associated Press on Monday that his community doesn't have the money for security cameras.

He also said they didn't receive any threats before Saturday morning's attack or claims of responsibility afterward.

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