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All the same I value your observation and shall endeavor to speak of other topics as well.

Abhishek – you are right ‘ bachchon ke beech ki bahas mein, bahas nahin karni chahiye’ !

You are blind and you read and respond to my blog ! Smita Pandit – I have been moved by your description of your Bhuaji and her correspondence with my father. When media writes bluntly it is not to express hate towards me. But before I could change the contents the server had already posted it.

I am happy that in some way he was able to provide solace to her. Perdy Mohindru from Auckland, NZ thank you for writing in.

There was such an immediate and stupendous response to it that overnight my father became a national celebrity.

My father’s autobiography is in 4 volumes and an abridged translation in English exists.

It is called ‘In the Afternoon of Time’ by Rupert Snell, a Hindi reader in the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and is published by Viking Penguin India, Delhi. And from Cairo, Egypt, the city and the people that gave me so much affection and love during my visit in the 1990’s, Rasha Zayed, thank you.

News reached the Mahatma and he expressed a desire to meet the poet during a literary symposium that he was chairing in Indore.

My father was presented before him and asked to recite Madhushala.

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