Punjabi dating customs

Agni, the god of fire, is said to be the sustainer of life, and thus gives life to the marriage.”Though Indian couples in America have eliminated various traditions, one key ritual still performed is the Mangalphera, the walk around the fire.

A standard menu would feature seven to 10 appetizers followed by four to five main entrees plus rice, yogurt, salad, and naan, a type of bread.The Ceremony Hindu weddings are supposed to take place outside, on the earth, under a canopy known as a Mandap.Each of the four pillars of the bridal canopy represents one of the four parents.“That’s where a piece of thread, called Mauli, is tied to the hands of both the groom and his parents, to humbly request a safe wedding day from the gods.”The next step is Mayara.“It’s also called the ‘Maternal Uncle’s Ceremony,’ ” continues Ferinoosh.

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