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I'm afraid it came out too late to achieve huge success, but I still appreciate what a great piece it is and am happy to add it to my curated collection. I prefer the classic Chanel apothecary bottles, but I make exception for this luxe, chic gold-and-purple bottle. I love the bergamot/labdaum/lavender combo.adds earthiness. I hate that Chanel has had to change their formulas in recent years.

Longevity and sillage of the fragrance are quite good, too. They do a good job, but our sense of smell is so connected to memories that it can feel like something is missing. Reminds me a lot of other Chanel's fragrances, but it's quite masculine. Spicy notes are very dominant, I can also sense lots of patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver.

However although coco mademoiselle may take centre stage,allure sensuelle steals the show for me,and deserves an encore. super potent and super sickly on my skin it is a burnt patchouli cucumber strawberry jam balsamic vinegar concotion on me and actually nauseates me.

I like allure but this is a completely different gourmandish scent to the original Imagine a cold day.

The spices are reminiscent of Coco's characteristic clove, which is not like real clove but a thing unto itself. Add some earthy florals and a mysterious vanilla, and you have Allure Sensuelle. If it is true that all Chanel fragrances were reformulated last 2015, then I am lucky to have a 100ml 2013 (or even 2005, as the codes repeat every 8 years and the box it has looks really old) bottle. It's somewhat like Coco, which I bought for my mom last year, only this is stronger.

Allure Sensuelle has preserved its unique and playful fickleness with dazzling citrus, fruity and floral notes, and magnificent wooden accords.

Resemblance is there, yet the fragrance has become more mysterious and shady.

The vanilla keeps it grounded, keeps it from flying in your face. This comes on a lot more intense at first and it's incredibly long lasting.

It's one of the last complex fragrances produced in the 21st century; by that I mean it has a long, carefully crafted list of notes working in harmony, as well as a certain 90s sophistication about it. I have the EDP..sure of ther year...I have a feeling it is a newer version..bottle is the same as shown above. I do still love it, I just think they tweaked the formula a bit when they brought it back.

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It smells less pink and creamy than Coco Mademoiselle. she used to be magical, bitchy, hardcore, classy, bossy...

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