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I went to sixth form college here." Detained Voices said they were no longer able to contact the man on Wednesday and believed he had been deported.

A Go Fund Me page has now exceeded the £1,500 needed to fund his legal representation.

I did not disclose too much infofmation about myself, so he does have my e_mail and phone number, but he has never called me only sent text messages. James Edmund,the scammer had a Facebooks profile that disappeared and reappeared within two weeks of me chatting to him on whatsapp, he said he was coming to UK from Miami 3pm Friday January 5, 2018- there was no flight from Miami to Gatwick at that time - I checked, he failed to provide photos of being on an oil rig and I asked right at the start, but claimed he fell in love with me ASAP - which is unusual, wrote me a poem, as another victim on your website stated, appeared controlling, trying to manipulate me induce empathy/feeling sorry for him - I kept saying to him I was guarded and don't trust people easily but I preferred it to stay that way until I get to know him (knowing I already googled him and there were discrepancies). I use to feel safe here but he was told about it and Threatened me for putting my story on here. I shut them down and these guys/gals that read Facebook are dangerous and I’ll just keep blocking but still would like to know if anyone knows of Craig Lisowski or Robin Marler Arelene. I’ll keep hunting this lowlife down and post anything I find. Same Sad Story1/5/18 Don’t trust those either and instead of a private inbox they put their opinion in the notifications right in public.The charter flight, which deportees have compared to a “slave ship”, left Stansted Airport for east Africa at around 10.30pm on Tuesday night, following weeks of protests against mass deportations including an 'ad-hack' campaign on the London Underground. He was very distressed, not only because he would have to face homophobic violence in Nigeria, but because he was leaving his home of the last 13 years and was being separated from his mother who is living in the UK." Karen Doyle, from campaign group Movement for Justice, said it was difficult to know exactly who was onboard because of the secretive nature of charter flights, but added that LGBT asylum seekers are frequently deported to Nigeria, where same-sex relationships are outlawed and LGBT people are "imprisoned, tortured and persecuted".: “It is such a dystopian sight: people being loaded off these buses literally amongst cargo, no one around to witness it, as if their lives can just be cancelled and they can be posted somewhere that many of them have no connection to, and where some are at serious risk." She described the site where charter flights leave from, about ten minutes drive from the main terminal, as "very obscure and hidden" with "lots of industrial sites and cargo delivery sites around" and no other passengers around. I went to sixth form college here.” He said he did not have a lawyer, and felt his personal life had been "ignored" by the Home Office, who had "made up reasons" to dismiss his story in order to remove him. Oyekunle, a gay Nigerian asylum seeker who asked to be identified by his first name only, was given a ticket for the flight, but was saved from deportation at the last minute when a barrister, alerted by activists on social media, volunteered to act on his behalf without up front payment.

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This is suppose to be a safe place to share our stories and get input from others that have been victims. He approached the wrong girl – I’m terminally ill, partially paralyzed, never wanted children, can’t cook and don’t clean, don’t care for country or gospel music, and am not particularly religious.

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