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The value of such firms derives not from tangible equipment or commodities, but from their intellectual property, from the expertise of their high-skilled employees and, increasingly, their networks and brands.“Socialism” is a similarly problematic label, dating from the era of political struggles between newly-organised workers and the established economic elite. Or does it simply mean the state ownership of certain natural monopoly utilities?But who owns the physical capital, the “means of production”, of our modern economy?It’s no longer the people who run the large organisations in which a great many of us work.But the workers won many of those battles, establishing workplace protections, universal voting rights and state welfare systems. Soviet Union-style central planning and the abolition of private property? This seems to be the justification for the use of the label in relation to Labour’s election manifesto.But, following that rationale, should we describe the Netherlands as socialist because its rail system is state-owned?Theresa May herself says she wants a louder voice for workers in company board rooms, and stresses that markets must operate “with the right rules and regulations”.

The American essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson once observed that a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. The boss of the new textile factory was also the owner.Is France socialist because it has a national energy company? economies, where markets coexist with some degree of state ownership and intervention.Even America, with its state-funded scientific research programmes and New Deal-era social security system, is really a mixed economy.After the fall of the Czarist government in Russia, when Communism was just starting to be set up, the melody of “La Marseillaise” was used (with different words) by radical socialists during the era of the Provisional Government, until “The Internationale” gained more popularity, and started to replace “La Marseillaise” as the anthem of leftist revolutionaries.Under the First Republic, “La Marseillaise” was one of the civic songs that contributed to the success of the Revolution, and thus was given official status (along with , with words by Voltaire).

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