Leo woman dating scorpio woman dating dk anmeldelse Odense

Leo the pussycat Although often appearing supremely confident on the outside, most Leos are inwardly sensitive and their feelings are easily hurt.

In all things they need to feel appreciated and needed, especially by loved ones.

Emotional, romantic and sensitive lovers, Leos are warm hearted and sincere, and make very loyal and stable partners, and very devoted parents.

A skillful partner soon learns that to be a 'good idea' something should be 'her idea'!

Generally if someone isn't going to be jealous of it then she wont buy it.

Mean and cruel acts are generally beneath them, however they can be very aggressive and confrontational at times.

Gaining the respect and admiration of others is what makes the Leo woman tick, and she has the perfect toolset to do it: Dramatic, warm hearted, outgoing, passionate and impulsive.

Most feel the powerful presence of a Leo woman almost immediately.

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Highly dramatic, they love to show off, which includes a taste for extravagant lifestyles.

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