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However, before he can do so, Krishnadevaraya and his wife Tirumaladevi appoint Malliswari as the official resident of the palace, thereby granting her "Rani Vasam".

Narasimha Reddy wanted to make a film based on Krishnadevaraya's character ever since his visit to Hampi for the filming of his debut Vandemataram (1939). It became the first film script to be serialised in the Vijayachitra magazine, and a few universities in the United States wished to have the film's script as a part of their textual studies.The next morning, the hanging nooses are kept ready and the duo meet Krishnadevaraya before killing them.When Nagaraju blames Krishnadevaraya for sending a palanquin to her house for Rani Vasam, Krishnadevaraya defends his action and reminds Nagaraju that it was he who had asked him to send Malliswari to Rani Vasam.Krishnadevaraya and Allasani Peddana, along with a few soldiers, enter the same mandapa where there are impressed with Malliswari's talent as a singer and dancer.Nagaraju and Malliswari, unaware of their true identity, converse with them, and Nagaraju asks them to recommend the Malliswari to Krishnadevaraya for Rani Vasam.

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That night, Malliswari wants to meet Nagaraju again but is held back after receiving a message that Krishnadevaraya and Tirumaladevi, along with other official residents of the palace, will be attending the play "Usha Parinayam" at the dance hall and that Malliswari is expected to participate in it.

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