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There was no doubt that the original Speedbird was a pioneer in many ways and fully deserved the review which I wrote; surely then it would be easy enough to copy and paste my original review with a few amendments in order to review the latest Speedbird!

Here is an extract from my original review: “ But even greater excitement ensued when via the internet I discovered that BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation) had at some point issued pilots with the legendary IWC Mark XI.

The questions are of course whether Timefactors has remained true to its core ethos of value for money and whether the Speedbird III is a worthy successor to the much loved Speedbird PRS-1.

Long established watch brands often have a model or line which is developed (successfully or unsuccessfully) over the course of time, be it years or decades.

This was a watch which appealed to me mainly in terms of its design: simple and clean with Arabic numerals.

Of course it was a military issue watch first and foremost but the fact that my childhood heroes (airline pilots) may have been wearing it was the icing on the cake.

The PRS-2 Dreadnought has become a classic, risen in value, sought after, copied even.

In my ponderings it struck me that the original Speedbird was a true pathfinder or pioneer in the online watch world so to speak and perhaps that should be the tack that should be taken in this review; the paragraph quoted above should give the reader a flavour of the requirements I often set in acquiring a watch – indeed, readers should take the time to read the opening paragraphs of other reviews I have authored whereupon such will become even more obvious.

It would seem that there is a real passion to get things right and make things affordable when it comes to any Timefactors watch.

A busy online forum gives members the opportunity to contribute within reason to the design and tweaking of upcoming watches.

Interestingly enough, many of the new breed of online watch sellers/manufacturers have not been shy in terms of pricing – to me this defeats the object of the exercise and apart from making the sellers look greedy is in complete contradiction the ‘we have low overheads’ rhetoric often displayed on websites.

More recently, Chinese movements have made a not inconsiderable inroad into becoming standard fare and there has been an amusing amount of ‘old’ German watch companies with very traditional names suddenly appearing – albeit supplying watches with Chinese movements.

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