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He was well aware that the head Mexican archaeologist was trying to destroy the validity of the site.For the sake of continuity, we will give this head Mexican archaeologist the name of "Dagwood." "Dagwood" had an immense amount of power.If not for her, very possibly all of this would have been lost in the "brambles" of history. I heard in class of the Mexican army's coming and containing the artifacts.I heard how the excavation had been forced to shut down.Therefore, he sent the Mexican army to seize those collections, also; and they also disappeared.

Those collections lay in private hands, and under the control of the University of Puebla.

The young archaeologist, located farther up the mountain that we have referred to, we will call "Rusty." "Rusty" was very intimidated by "Dagwood." He knew that his whole future lay within "Dagwood's" grasp, and he would be crushed if he did not do "Dagwood's" bidding.

Therefore, "Rusty" decided simply not to write a report on his site.

Only thirty years later, after "Rusty" had become a well-known and respected Mexican archaeologist, and after "Dagwood" had passed away, did Rusty, feel comfortable enough to publish on the excavation he had done hundreds of feet above the Hueyatlaco site.

His report simply says he found "barren ground." All of this is important to understand to what point "Dagwood" would go to control what was said about the site of Hueyatlaco.

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