Exchangel slow when updating deleted items

This makes is available to the end-user to add to his own list of retention policies. By default, the retention policy process only runs once per week.

That means messages may not move to the Online Archive folder for up to seven days.

Also, if you need a place to temporarily store certain messages, use the color flags to code their priorities.Note: The most common complaint, that a specific instance of PC Outlook is running slow or is otherwise buggy, is normally solvable, usually by creating a new Outlook profile file. Closing this modal dialog, updates the order of invitees shown once more. However using the Outlook Web Interface above, there is a link by which you can provide feedback to Microsoft about any aspect of Clutter, including your desire to hide the Clutter folder if you have disabled it. Double-clicking on the invitees, brings up another modal dialogue separating the Invitees into required and optional invitees, in a 2nd different order. Subsequent instances of the meeting show the invitees in a different order.

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