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This workshop is the pinnacle of what MDC offers, and is aptly named for what it does – It TRANSFORMS guys into the best versions of themselves.

Take a single session LIVE, INFIELD workshop during the day, or at your venue of choice during the night.

My experiences teaching Leadership Communication and Authentic Leadership Development at Berkeley and my immersion in the underground world of pickup and seduction gave me unique perspective about what truly makes people attractive and happy in life.

I distilled this into a set of principles that I rigorously tested and implemented in my own life and transformed from my desperate, frustrated and depressed self, into an energetic, passionate, engaging, compelling and charismatic force that naturally attracts the women I want in my life, with lifestyle I want, and a vocation that infuses incredible meaning into each and every day.

I am here to help you escape the mediocrity of an average existence; one fraught with self-imposed limitations, and lacking self-belief. I want to help YOU live without limitations and achieve all that you truly desire in life. It is my Personal Mission to transform and improve as many lives as possible, by helping them realise their full potential in life, and by achieving success in their romantic pursuits.

I do this through my personal commitment to ensuring that I utilise the best possible knowledge, tools, resources, and provide expert guidance to enable you to thrive and develop into the best, most attractive version of yourself possible.

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