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The warm, steamy weather promised the joy I remembered from childhood of sloshing through puddles and getting soaked through to the skin.

I watched five children laughing and smiling as they headed toward the cul-de-sac in our suburban Virginia neighborhood.

But it turned out I was so broken that I was wide open to receiving comfort in ways I would not have anticipated.

Our family, friends and community rallied around us, of course, acknowledging our loss through cards and visits, feeding us, and helping by sharing their thoughts about our beautiful son.

Apparently named after the colour of the ink they use for their letters. They may be distinguished by their wax jackets and green wellingtons.

Collective name for pedants and obsessives who feel the need to write letters of complaint, or diatribes, on issues of concern. Member's of the upper middle-class who participate in countryside pursuits such as riding, fox hunting and shooting.

A leather jacketed, long-haired lout, and follower of rock music.

A person or follower of one of the rock music genres, such as 'goth' or 'metal' (heavy, death, nu- etc), and who wears the associated fashions.

A young person who likes a particular type of music, such as Nu Metal, punk, or rock, and dresses in the associated way, such as black. A catholic Liverpudlian expression derived from the symbolic use of the railway station before the Mersey tunnel and the last stop. Other UK cities also have their own variations, such as get off at Paisley, used in Glasgow; get off at Gateshead, used in Newcastle-upon-Tyne; get off at Haymarket, used in Edinburgh. Departed in the year 2000, eventually going on to manage Watford FC. rapper and movie star, and came to prominence with his song Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It. An extended meaning from version 1, above, possibly a misinterpretation of how the original expression was used.

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We were an ordinary family who had muddled through the haze of babies and toddlerhood and somehow emerged with happy tweens who actually enjoyed being with us and each other.

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