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Co-operatives also provide collaborative, hands-on learning to enable farmers to improve their farming methods, enhance their production and minimize their environmental impact.The co-operative approach produces economic and environmental benefits that help smallholder farmers to continue to improve and succeed beyond the life of any project.

Working together in co-operatives, members build greater resilience to environmental shocks and other risks by adopting more sustainable agricultural practices.

CDF Canada works with its partners to address gender inequality and socio-economic differences so that they can create truly inclusive and empowering spaces.

This means women and men have equal access to the opportunities and resources they need to be active members in their communities; from individual households and businesses, to national policy dialogues and decisions.

Our global exchange programs allow us to disseminate our good practices, innovations and lessons learned.

Email a specialist CDF Canada recognizes the relationship that farmers have with the environment, and how even minor climate changes can affect their ability to feed their families and make a living.

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CDF Canada believes that promoting women’s empowerment and leadership is critical to achieving greater gender equality overall, and that targeted programming is often required to help balance the historical disadvantages experienced by women.

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