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5 Then they got into some kind of regular formation, as if a signal had been given, and carried on the struggle with some order, even though leaderless; for Alienus had been imprisoned at Cremona.

Any hunter knows that you have enough light to identify the breed, sex and antler size of an animal up to 30 minutes after sundown.

4 But after the meeting had broken up and they had retired to their tents, they changed their minds and suddenly, rushing together in great haste and excitement, they again saluted Vitellius as emperor and imprisoned Alienus for having betrayed them, showing no reverence even for his consular office.

Such things are, in fact, characteristic of civil wars.

4 The battle was not the result of any definite plan.

Some few horsemen, as often happens when two forces are encamped opposite each other, suddenly attacked some of the enemy's foragers, and then reinforcements came to both parties from their respective armies, just as these happened to become aware of the situation, first to one side, then to the other, now of one kind of fighting force, now of another, both infantry and cavalry; and the conflict was marked by the usual vicissitudes until all had hastened to the front.

Near the centre of the moon at the time of an external umbral contact, the surface brightness is reduced by roughly a factor of three.

Along the outer edge, the reduction in surface brightness is only 10 per cent or so.

Since the atmosphere causes refraction, we actually can see the moon even though it is technically below horizon! The angular Diameter of moon = 29.3′ - 34.1′ arc-minutes = .5 degrees. While the diameter of the sun is about 400 times larger than the moon, the moon is also approximately 400 times closer to the earth, so that both objects extend nearly identical angular sizes of about 1/2 degree.2 Not even for this, however, would the men change their mind or yield; but when they came to blows with each other, they fought most eagerly, although, as I said, the Vitellians were leaderless; for Alienus had been imprisoned at Cremona.3 On the following day, when Primus through messengers tried to induce them to come to terms, the soldiers of Vitellius sent back a message to him urging him in turn to espouse the cause of Vitellius; but when they came to blows with his soldiers they fought most eagerly.The earth's atmosphere will also dim the moonlight." (Lunar visibility and the crucifixion, Bradley E.Schaefer, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, 31.1, p62, 1990 AD) 4."The sun is always close to the horizon whenever an eclipsed moon is rising, so daylight or twilight may strongly interfere with the visibility of the moon.

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Vitellius, when he heard about it, remained where he was and even then went on with his luxurious living, among other things arranging gladiatorial combats.

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