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The earlier prophecies to Abraham and Isaac ( Genesis -19 ; 26:4-5 ) speak merely of the salvation that shall come through their seed.

Later the royal dignity of the promised deliverer becomes the prominent feature.

The Messiah, existing from the beginning of the world, should appear at the consummation, and then should be also manifested the heavenly Jerusalem which was to be the abode of the blessed.

This, however, is no proof that the word was generally so used at that time.

In the Palestine Talmud the form with the article is almost universal, while the common use in the Babylonian Talmud without the article is not a sufficient argument for antiquity to prove that in the time of Christ it was regarded as a proper name.

It is proposed in the present article: I, to give an outline of the prophetic utterances concerning the Messiah; II, to show the development of the prophetic ideas in later Judaism ; and III, to show how Christ vindicated His right to this title.

It is to Israel and Juda that He will bring salvation ( Jeremiah 23:6 ), triumphing over their enemies by force of arms (cf. Even in the latter part of Isaias there are passages (e.g.

61:5-8) in which other nations are regarded as sharing in the kingdom rather as servants than as heirs, while the function of the Messiah is to lift up Jerusalem to its glory and lay the foundations of an Israelitic theocracy.

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"If he shall lay down his life for sin, he shall see a posterity and prolong his days" (); "Therefore will I distribute to him very many, and he shall divide the spoils of the strong, because he hath delivered his soul unto death, and was reputed with the wicked" ().

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