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But once you have been touched by their struggle, curiosity will be pipped. Chinese Culture · Japanese Culture · English Language · Social · Korean Food · Japanese Language · Chinese language · Korean Drama · Korean Culture · Korean Language · Korean Pop · Expat Korean · English as a Second Language · Language & Culture · Asian Professionals · Watching Movies · Vietnamese Language Hello! Check out the highlights from Tamara Kim farther down on this page.K-POPPIN, one of Arirang TV’s radio programs was live broadcasting with Kriesha Chu on Facebook-Live today.Kriesha Chu talked about her current activities and answered live questions with fans.The channel presents programs (including NEWS, cultural features, documentaries and language programs) designed to give viewers a contemporary, accurate look at Korea, Asia and the world.At South Korea's border with the North, troops guard the coast.It is just a fleeting capture of the artist at that moment; as a Picasso in his Blue Period is not a summation of Picasso the person. After many soul searching encounters with the numerous self- portraits of Rembrandt and van Gogh, I now look forward to another Arirang moment with Kim Ki-duk.

Like any self-portrait, this "movie" does not show Kim Ki-duk, the entire person.

Don't worry if you don't understand Korean language as this Arirang TV has lots of programs spoken in English with full English subs and subtitles!!

This is not an official but a fan made app.* Smooth and high internet connection speed is required for this live streaming app to work well.* Please DON'T rate us 1 star for technical issues (follow the steps below): Kindly press and hold the home button to stop and skill the app, and then restart the app (a general solution that works when you have a blank or black screen with only background sounds).

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Kriesha Chu who has started her solo career with her first debut single album [Trouble] in last May, is actively performing with her stage and various broadcasting programs, and is preparing for a comeback ahead of her next album in November.

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